Do you want to become a member??

You will well remember to buy membership cards and support the Hotingtravet!

Easiest by swishing 50:- to 123 134 3292 or you put in 50:- on the bank giro 437-4476, Remember to mark the deposit with your name & adresss

As a member you also have the right to vote at the annual meeting on it 5/7 at 18.00 The travlogen on Andersnäset.


Two of our amazing sponsors helped as we wrote earlier about having to release the track from snow, Otto Åkeri AB and Engkvist & Son Åkeri

Imagine what it will go away when pro teams up, win-win for all sides! Andreas Palmqvist of Engkvist & Son Åkeri filmed by drones and shared their film to us, thousand thanks!!

CANCELED: Hotingtravet calls for Annual Meeting,,sv,March,,fr,Conference Hoting Grus AB / Cliffton,,sv,We have a cup of coffee,,sv

Because of the risk of infection, we have sadly decided to cancel tonight's annual meeting.

Day: Sunday 29 mars
Tid: 19:00
Plats: Conference, Hoting crus AB / AB Swerock, HIGH STREET 30, Hotingsvägen.

Cases under the statutes.


Western Ångermanlands Travsällskap (Hotingtravet)
/Board of Directors.

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