We will visit! 21/2 Hoting – WELCOME!

Johan Lindberg – generalsekreterare på Svensk Travsport kommer tillsammans med Stefan Hultmanmannen bakom hästar som Maharajah, From Above, Jaded och många flera. Thursday the 21/2 at. 18,30 på Centralskolan (matsalen) Hoting.


Janne bows out – and we thank Janne!

Som de flesta förmodligen redan vet vid det här laget, har Janne Norberg valt att avsluta sin tävlingskarriär. Vi hoppas och tror såklart att han fortsätter verka inom travetDu behövs Janne!

Janne har alltid vurmat och värnat om de små banorna, inte minst Hotingtravet! Om han något år inte haft möjlighet att komma till oss har det känts tomt. Vi hoppas såklart att han fortsätter besöka oss varje sommar!

Tack för allt Janne! Du vet att du är såväl välkommen som efterlängtad på Hotingtravet!


Sven Boström, one of Hoting trotting many strong and volunteers, as soon took the decision to build a racetrack in the country in Hoting, has finished his work… at its 91:a year, Sven peace and to the last was, the family and also the interest in traveling and especially Hoting racetrack remain for him.

Sven worked much of his life to the SCA, and already istravets time Sven became an important “cog” Hoting racetrack and with their network etc., he contributed greatly to engage volunteers, among other things outside “horse owner crowd” and also contributed Sven and SCA at most to “rakbanans” advent…

Black Floyd and Lykke lass were two of Sven's most celebrated race horses and a lot of success, we remember with joy, including SM for fillies and 100 000 SEK as Lykke lass with Ulf Bäckman in the bike, won the Boström family…

Sven was a kind man who liked order and, a hot temper and a willingness to make things happen, caring and helpful at all times and has deservedly feel it is still nice to get Sven peace, even if the sadness and longing is great.

We thank you, Sven, for the time that we have experienced with you and our thoughts are also with your family…

Hoting racetrack board gm S-O Lindman

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