P4 Jämtland afternoon broadcast from Hotingsvägen Tuesday 9/7!

Come see / hear / see P4 Jämtland broadcasting from Hotingsvägen racetrack Tuesday 9/7 mellan kl 15.04 and 17.30!

Photo Emelie Andersson

Anneliolander Johansson, From reporter Marcus Berg and audiences editor Emelie Andersson ship directly from Travbanan in Hotingsvägen along with techniques Pelle Thörnqvist and Robert Egnelius.

There will be live music by Matti Norlin, visit the stables, Leif “Window” Olsson, competition and hopefully lots of audience.

Come and meet the radio!

Hotingtravet 2013

This brochure has expired as an advertising supplement, here you can not have it also read the! (Opens in PDF format)

Hotingtravet Annonsbilaga 2013
Hotingtravet Annonsbilaga 2013 » Post,en
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Working evenings

Then it was just dax again ! Net trot Week is fast approaching and we are already beginning to work tonight!

So welcome to work evenings outside on the Anders Isthmus starting tonight, Monday 13/5 at. 18.00

Since we run on Mondays and Thursdays. 18.00- as 20.00, information on what needs to be done in the lists in the break room. Remember to emphasize because the data are performed.

We offers as usual a little snack when the evening draws to an end.

Thanks in advance to all-comers, without you it would never work!

Take inlandsbanan to Hotingsvägen racetrack this summer !


Take the Inland Railway to Hotingsvägen racetrack this summer

Less fr Ostersund 07:11, Lit 07:45, Strömsund (bus station) 08:55 – Arrival Hotingsvägen 09:53

Less fr Hoting 18:35 - Arrive Lit 20:33, Ostersund 21:03


Less fr Storuman 15:27, Wilhelmina 17:15, Dorotea 18:08, – Arrival Hotingsvägen 18:35

Less fr Hoting 09:53 – Arrival Dorotea 10:13, Wilhelmina 11:45, Storuman 13:03


Full schedule with more cities: (link) http://inlandsbanan.travelize.se/upload/pdf/Tidtabell.pdf


Boka ticket: Inland Railway 0771-53 53 53, info@inlandsbanan.se, enter the festival ticket Hotingsvägen racetrack and you get 10% discount on the ticket.


Taxi Hoting: 0671-102 90


Boende i Hoting (link) http://www2.jamtland.se/index.php/sv/turism/bo/bo)




Now, we've posted some of the pictures we showed in the slideshow below Jubilee racetrack 2007 subtab “Gallery“. Is this a picture of you or a relative to you that you do not want that we show on the website, Mail webmaster@hotingtravet.com and we will remove it!

Do you have a picture you would like that we publish on our website? Mail it to webmaster@hotingtravet.com so maybe we can outsource it!

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