Hotingtravet sponsor Travelodge

We would like to highlight and thank a smooth Z-folded thread. They have since a few years back started a “game thread” where they put on a little money on every game that goes to Hoting racetrack.

So far it has received so much money that they are partly sponsoring a race ponnytrav, but also the pony camp held in July in Hoting racetrack.

Big and hearty thanks to you, you are worth gold!

Visitors to Hoting racetrack 2019!

One challenge we have to meet for this year Hoting Travelodge ...

In the new system, all paths to get far fewer totomater to play in and this will allow you to visit us, and want to experience the whole picture that also "invest" somebody crown totes should take the opportunity to look at the video link below, and then register as a customer of the ATG, to play the horses over the phone and or computer ....

This is so that your visit will be as pleasant as possible, rather than risk queues and thus miss voltage!

PS A good way is to register with your local "ATG" before the visit! DS

click “Play Button” below starts the movie clip.

Welcome to the Hoting racetrack

Hoting desired racetrack, Svensk Travsport och ATG

Frequented distinguished visit!

Yesterday we were able to enjoy an evening with Johan Lindberg, Secretary General of the Swedish Trotting Association, and Stefan Hultman, coach to several superstars!

The evening was a great success! John delivered a very inspiring way today “bearing” in trotting, and what (read “we”) considers need to do to turn slightly negative trend. Stefan told of anecdotes and more from all his years in the racetrack. We can promise that there were both tears and laughter! A lot “behind the scenes stories” we also got to hear.

An incredibly rewarding evening for all. Not least for the main characters that according to its own admission, was really touched by the great interest – jättekul!!

Thanks to all who came!! And many thanks to John and Stefan, you have made an impression!!

A well-attended event with good coffee!

Stefan Hultman & Johan Lindberg comes to Hoting Thursday 21/2

Welcome to a busy evening with Stefan Hultman and Johan Lindberg at the Central School in Hoting (canteen) . Thursday the 21 February at. 18,30. Stefan Hultman, one of our most successful trotting trainers of all time will offer anecdotes and lessons learned from his long career. There will be both highlights and deep valleys presented on Stefan's well known and appreciated way. Johan Lindberg, Secretary General of the Swedish Trotting Association, will take you on a journey toward trotting future. What challenges racetrack before? And how can we together take on them? Take the opportunity to ask questions or give your views on the harness racing should look like in the new world.


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