Two of our amazing sponsors helped as we wrote earlier about having to release the track from snow, Otto Åkeri AB and Engkvist & Son Åkeri

Imagine what it will go away when pro teams up, win-win for all sides! Andreas Palmqvist of Engkvist & Son Åkeri filmed by drones and shared their film to us, thousand thanks!!

Travbanan scent spring sun

With the help of Otto Åkeri AB and Engkvist & Son Åkeri, we went yesterday (30/3 -20) the white coat of the racetrack ... Time to parent sun will work to fix summer path for us, while the rest of us can only wish “crown” as long as possible in order to drive Hoting week in the summer ...

It does not look promising, but we are continuing to work as usual and hope & think ... Keeping my fingers crossed!