Best sponsor of Hembygdstravet in Hoting!

The trot in Sweden is running, during the ongoing Corona epidemic, competitions without audience. A Hoting Trot without an audience is not a Hoting Trot, why trot 2020 is cancelled. All sponsors of the Hometown Race 2020 be transferred to 2021.

Does anyone want their money back?, contact me and we will fix it. Someone already wants to help our hometown with additional contributions before 2021 things are going well too, Swish 123 029 14 92 or BGC 504-8285.

benefits 2021 same as 2020, free entrance, program and coffee at Logloftet all three trotting days.

Now we are helping to get through the epidemic! See you at Hotingtravet 2021!

Travbanan scent spring sun

With the help of Otto Åkeri AB and Engkvist & Son Åkeri, we went yesterday (30/3 -20) the white coat of the racetrack ... Time to parent sun will work to fix summer path for us, while the rest of us can only wish “crown” as long as possible in order to drive Hoting week in the summer ...

It does not look promising, but we are continuing to work as usual and hope & think ... Keeping my fingers crossed!

If you like Hoting racetrack, be a sponsor!

Homestead races at racetrack Hoting, a race per day of competition, is a form of crowdfunding, In other words, every little helps…

By inserting at least 100 / person Swish 123 029 14 92 or BGC 504-8285, will sponsor all competition days, free entrance, trotting program and refreshments on Logloftet. Enter the- and surname at payment.

Send mail- and e-mail address and mobile number to Bertil Sundqvist, mail: The last day for participation is the 1 april.

Welcome to Logloftet 2020!

THANK YOU for Hoting racetrack 2019

2019 year trotting week has been harvested and we have met many nice and happy visitors, active and all others scattered praise of our arrangements ...

Not only did the weather trotting days in a good way, but also pony trot, and our celebrations and dances got their dose of the good weather, which is one of the important details of a successful event.

Sporting was the nice races and even some excitement during the final day battle for championship, because Rikard N Skoglund gave everyone the opportunity to catch up, but nobody got through without Richard became champion in the "blazer". More about the champion fight you can read in Anders Lindkvist posts.

Hermann Hotings Cold-blooded Trophy has "walked" through the years ever since Herman found his Hoting (2000) and decided to set up a hiking price each, for warm blooded and cold blooded (2001). Varmbloden price took Thule Jonsson at Umeå home for a few years to see, and now it was kallbloden fine price to get a new home, namely at Magnus O Jonsson, Indal with its Hallsta Majestix took his third mortgage, without Mr. Hoting in place. We have had contact with Mr. Hoting and he is delighted to Magnus Jonsson O finally had become a permanent owner of the trophy.

per Söderberg, one of our Hoting Travelodge Lovers, managed to fill a bus from Ostersund to our lunch trotting (on the bus were also Ostersund longtime champion Einar Magnusson, who seemed to thrive in Hoting) and the whole gang was very pleased with both the reception with refreshments on "logloftet" together "Tåsjö-before-and now-gang" and then the whole day traveling in other.

We were expecting queues to totes, and so it became, but we will discuss in another forum; neither we nor our visitors help doing this ... What's done is done and now we look forward!

Chairman, as I am, I am proud of my assistants, proud of our Travvvecka and proud of all the fine words that poured over us working with Travelodge week ... The warm indeed and I hope all the helpers also takes for himself the praise and feel the warmth of the ...

Of course, I also want to thank "Loket" Olsson and Anders Lindkvist for the setting up of Hoting-week and also thanks to the multiple champion in Hoting, Jan Norberg, the gilded both the sponsor party and lunch racetrack with us ... One is certainly safe; THERE WILL BE MORE COMING; BOYS!!!!

Last of all I want / We thank ALL, that makes possible the week ... Everything from voluntary worker to the audience and horse owners etc., etc ... to all my helpers THANK 2019 years of success and also welcome you to 2020 year Hoting Week with probable starting the 4 July…

With warm trot greetings
Sven-Olov Lindman

Anders Lindqvist summarizes trotting week in Hoting

A wonderful week is over and here I make an assessment of the drivers I have seen during my week in Hoting!

Champion Richard Nils Olof Skoglund still developing and this has Bergsåker a fine heir to all the other big names banana fostered, no one mentioned no one forgotten! Great to Richard despite great achievements is still modest in their appearance.

The runner-up in the driver compatible O Magnus Jonsson is a lovely guy that I, in a sense had indulged have become champion. Magnus train 27 horses, of which he is the breeder 15 of these, own brand yourself 16 horses plus co-own some of. Actually "mission impossible", but not for Magnus and his strong woman Caroline Melin! Now instead got Magnus take comfort in that forever take home Herman Hotings magnificent trophy.

Third in the league driver was Per Ove Anderson Lindqvist now 57 year old, probably better than ever in the bike.

Four were Mats Erik Adam Djuse as merely 20 year but a prospective groom champion, reminiscent of the driving style of Orjan Kihlström.

Fifth was "home manager" Jan-Olof Johansson of Hammerdal just over 8 mil from Hoting and thus before the nearest professional trainer. Jan-Olov drove 14 Hoting race during the week and was among the top five 12 of these starter, had only Jan-Olov lived more centrally in Sweden, he had undoubtedly been among the more popular Catch driving engines.

six were 1000 club machine Mikael Melander won 2 of their 7 uppsittningar Hoting. Lovely to see Michael back in fine form after his health problems.

Seven became amateur Hans Bergh, full brother with great trainer Robert Bergh. His impressed when his won with Hanz "Z" Johansson Jerk Terna Wind which in 92 start career finally got the win. For persevering Hanz Johansson (7 horses in training list) this was the first coaching victory since he won in the bike with Skarpåsibylla at Solänget the 17 september 2017.

Eight were Danneros Stefan Edin who made a sympathetic impression and joy in the winner's circle was striking when he won Solänget colleague Martin Åkerlund Feel Good, any suitable name.

Nia was Dannero Amateur Brage Hansen which I met for the first time, was impressed by Brage theoretical knowledge and hope he will soon reinforce Danneros professional tränarkår.

Tia was Umåkers Stefan Johanson year gets his breakthrough as a driver. Stefan running now with confidence and aplomb.

After 10 the charts I want to mention line-up Anders Gustafsson, who finally got the win again, Now with Lovely Coin who took his first victory in his 20:e start. Last time Anders won was the 3 november 2000 with its skilled Bestvin (25 wins and 854600kr). Tell awaited victory.

Big plus rating must also Umåkers talented Caroline Forsner few who was the one who went home from Hoting unbeaten when she won the race in Monte Dannero horse Macbeth Broline.

Even Jenny Björk gets plus grades 50% when she won the Järvsöfjellan, Two of the goals was her husband Mikael Halvarsson the father-Höjanna!

Weekly flop was comet driver Magnus A Djuses result whose 22 starter was victorious solve but consoled himself with 3 other places and 4 third places. Magnus is undoubtedly a great talent as a driver, reminds me of Bjorn Goops driving style.
Am sure that Magnus will again, the still young driver is safe from getting routine of the little special races on Hoting. One thing that Magnus needs to learn is to become calmer in tone to the officials. I know from experience that my youth language gave no positive return.

But one thing I know, it is that I and everyone I met, we all want to get back to Hoting next year.

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