Hotingsvägen trotting vintage 2014 will soon be history – a week goes by fast!

Which weather, which start to trot Week! The week that was probably can not smokers better than what the reality was and we can only “check & thank”. That the first trotting days additionally offered 10 different winning drivers are also pretty fantastic, which makes the battle for the championship a little more exciting!

The conditions for the last day looks very good: Jan Olov Persson, turns up at us with a few horses and Bergh sends up Jimmy Jonsson with a couple horses too. Moreover, it is very good with horses entered to finish the day's competitions. The weather gods seem to like to smile at us even today.

Hotingsvägen racetrack is no one-man show and therefore we want for tonight's contests to thank ALL parties involved (horse owner / trainer / drivers, audience, our partners and sponsors as well as our many volunteers and volunteer-working colleagues / peers and all others who in one way or another give their support to this “Magic” week. Your help and for us it is extremely important for the implementation!!!

A special THANK til Leif (Window) who likes Hotingsvägen so much that he repeated every year!

We wish you all a nice end evening in Hotingsvägen and wish you also welcome to Hotingsvägen racetrack 2015 (provisionally 4-7-10 July).

/Hotingtravets Board