In memoriam

stone Sjolander, Kramfors, one of Hoting trotting most loyal visitors and a longstanding sidekick, has made its financial statements at the age of 81 år.

Stone has for many years been an ambassador for Hoting racetrack, talked plenty about us and helped us with transportation of equipment, etc., we had to borrow from the neighboring track Dannero before our competitions every year and also had Rock always a helping hand ready where it was needed for, during or after our "trot week". Stone was a caring, loved person who liked to hang out with all their loved ones, friends and acquaintances and not least, take a turn on the dance floor with us during the week traveling ...

Stone loved Hoting racetrack and we are all grateful to have gotten to know the way, be together both business and pleasure, and we all have many fine memories common to preserve ...

Thanks Stone for everything you have done and given along with us!

/Hoting trotting all employees
GM Sven-Olov