New rules and fewer totomater

New rules along with that we awarded significantly fewer totomater gives us a small challenge for trotting week.

You like "normal" does not play on the trot, but want to visit Hoting racetrack, we would like to advice you to go to the nearest store with totomat and show off leg and audition or register in peace ... Out on the racetrack, we have been awarded very few machines, so it is likely to be queues and "missed the game". Then it can be good to have auditioned or registered!

Games on mobile and PC / plate is also possible, but it can also be crowded in cyberspace also here in our area ...

Foreign guests must present their passport at the beginning of each travdag and get a "receipt", who then presented at the gambling during the day instead of ID!

Sincerely Board of Hoting racetrack