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The list below will be replenished as and shortly. Missing your horse ? Contact Virren (virren1(at)hotmail.com) we will add the.

Home Opportunities abroad must also be communicated manually by you, whether they should be included on the website.

We keep our fingers crossed for Speechless And Spoof who travel to Umeå, 8/11 and for Cankus Quid and Cash Life that goes to the Bergsåker 12/11 to try his luck.

Good luck !

Our Winners

HorseWinning timeMeDate
Mållös35,7Solänget,sv 180918
Cash Life,en15,9aOstersund180806
Cash Life,en17,7Umåker180406
Starpoint Legacy17,7Umåker180406
Cankus Quid17,6Solänget,sv170518
Cash Life,en 15,8Ostersund170427
Cankus Quid18,9Ostersund161108
Turknappen31,4Solänget,sv 160924
Cash Life,en19,3Ostersund160308
Sunday Morning14,4aOstersund140518
Sovereign World17,7 aOstersund131216
Sea Solide17,6aOstersund131031
Sovereign World16,9aOstersund131031
Svegårdens Loma30,7Bollnäs131022
Sovereign World17,3Ostersund 131004
Sea Solide 17,1aOstersund130921
Peasant Racer16,3Hotingsvägen130706
Svegårdens Loma30,7Ostersund130503
Sunday Morning17,1Dannero130330
Mini Nita31,7Ostersund130329
Svegårdens Loma33,2Bergsåker130322