Homestead racetrack 2019

One week to go! Sunday 31/3 shut down the opportunity to become a sponsor of the Homestead racetrack in Hoting 2019.

benefits, same as 2018, all trot days free entry, trotting programs and substantial snack at Logloftet, Homestead racetrack meeting place.

The cost, same, least 100 per person for Swish 123 029 14 92 or BGC 504-8285. Enter the name of the payment. New sponsors, mobile number and mail address:

Welcome to the Homestead racetrack!

Frequented distinguished visit!

Yesterday we were able to enjoy an evening with Johan Lindberg, Secretary General of the Swedish Trotting Association, and Stefan Hultman, coach to several superstars!

The evening was a great success! John delivered a very inspiring way today “bearing” in trotting, and what (read “we”) considers need to do to turn slightly negative trend. Stefan told of anecdotes and more from all his years in the racetrack. We can promise that there were both tears and laughter! A lot “behind the scenes stories” we also got to hear.

An incredibly rewarding evening for all. Not least for the main characters that according to its own admission, was really touched by the great interest – jättekul!!

Thanks to all who came!! And many thanks to John and Stefan, you have made an impression!!

A well-attended event with good coffee!

Stefan Hultman & Johan Lindberg comes to Hoting Thursday 21/2

Welcome to a busy evening with Stefan Hultman and Johan Lindberg at the Central School in Hoting (canteen) . Thursday the 21 February at. 18,30. Stefan Hultman, one of our most successful trotting trainers of all time will offer anecdotes and lessons learned from his long career. There will be both highlights and deep valleys presented on Stefan's well known and appreciated way. Johan Lindberg, Secretary General of the Swedish Trotting Association, will take you on a journey toward trotting future. What challenges racetrack before? And how can we together take on them? Take the opportunity to ask questions or give your views on the harness racing should look like in the new world.


Janne bows out – and we thank Janne!

As most probably already know by now, Janne Norberg chose to end his racing career. We believe of course that he continues to operate within the racetrack – You need Janne!

Jamie has always vurmat and defended the small tracks, especially Hoting racetrack! If he was some years not been able to come to us, it felt empty. We hope of course that he continues to visit us every summer!

Thanks for everything Janne! You know you're both welcome that awaited the Hoting racetrack!

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