Visitors to Hoting racetrack 2019!

One challenge we have to meet for this year Hoting Travelodge ...

In the new system, all paths to get far fewer totomater to play in and this will allow you to visit us, and want to experience the whole picture that also "invest" somebody crown totes should take the opportunity to look at the video link below, and then register as a customer of the ATG, to play the horses over the phone and or computer ....

This is so that your visit will be as pleasant as possible, rather than risk queues and thus miss voltage!

PS A good way is to register with your local "ATG" before the visit! DS

click “Play Button” below starts the movie clip.

Welcome to the Hoting racetrack

Hoting desired racetrack, Svensk Travsport och ATG

Homestead racetrack 2019

One week to go! Sunday 31/3 shut down the opportunity to become a sponsor of the Homestead racetrack in Hoting 2019.

benefits, same as 2018, all trot days free entry, trotting programs and substantial snack at Logloftet, Homestead racetrack meeting place.

The cost, same, least 100 per person for Swish 123 029 14 92 or BGC 504-8285. Enter the name of the payment. New sponsors, mobile number and mail address:

Welcome to the Homestead racetrack!

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