P4 Jämtland afternoon broadcast from Hotingsvägen Tuesday 9/7!

Come see / hear / see P4 Jämtland broadcasting from Hotingsvägen racetrack Tuesday 9/7 mellan kl 15.04 and 17.30!

Photo Emelie Andersson

Anneliolander Johansson, From reporter Marcus Berg and audiences editor Emelie Andersson ship directly from Travbanan in Hotingsvägen along with techniques Pelle Thörnqvist and Robert Egnelius.

There will be live music by Matti Norlin, visit the stables, Leif “Window” Olsson, competition and hopefully lots of audience.

Come and meet the radio!

We keep our fingers crossed…

Now the notifications to the first travdag clear. We are of course an extra thumb for the following home horses to be out and try your luck on Saturday 6 July.

Race 1 – Viggson

Race 3 – Mini Nita

Race 4 – Näcken

Race 5 – Lykkekim

Race 6 – Peasant Racer, World Sobrano & Soccer

Race 9 – Solution

Hotingtravet 2013

This brochure has expired as an advertising supplement, here you can not have it also read the! (Opens in PDF format)

Hotingtravet Annonsbilaga 2013
Hotingtravet Annonsbilaga 2013 » Post,en
Hotingsvägen racetrack ad Annex 2013.pdf
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Live update of the website

Before this year Hotingsvägen Trot we going to try to have a little “live update” of the website. It can be anything from answer to what is happening around the stable slope and the public place. As; you can not be there, the hope is that you will still get a small dose of Hotingsvägen Trot-feeling!

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