Working evenings

Then it was just dax again ! Net trot Week is fast approaching and we are already beginning to work tonight!

So welcome to work evenings outside on the Anders Isthmus starting tonight, Monday 13/5 at. 18.00

Since we run on Mondays and Thursdays. 18.00- as 20.00, information on what needs to be done in the lists in the break room. Remember to emphasize because the data are performed.

We offers as usual a little snack when the evening draws to an end.

Thanks in advance to all-comers, without you it would never work!

Take inlandsbanan to Hotingsvägen racetrack this summer !


Take the Inland Railway to Hotingsvägen racetrack this summer

Less fr Ostersund 07:11, Lit 07:45, Strömsund (bus station) 08:55 – Arrival Hotingsvägen 09:53

Less fr Hoting 18:35 - Arrive Lit 20:33, Ostersund 21:03


Less fr Storuman 15:27, Wilhelmina 17:15, Dorotea 18:08, – Arrival Hotingsvägen 18:35

Less fr Hoting 09:53 – Arrival Dorotea 10:13, Wilhelmina 11:45, Storuman 13:03


Full schedule with more cities: (link)


Boka ticket: Inland Railway 0771-53 53 53,, enter the festival ticket Hotingsvägen racetrack and you get 10% discount on the ticket.


Taxi Hoting: 0671-102 90


Boende i Hoting (link)




Now, we've posted some of the pictures we showed in the slideshow below Jubilee racetrack 2007 subtab “Gallery“. Is this a picture of you or a relative to you that you do not want that we show on the website, Mail and we will remove it!

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