Holiday Week 2019

The dust from the 2018 edition of Hoting racetrack has barely had time to bed, that does not mean that we already have full focus on 2019!

If we get that we want, then the 2019-year Hoting Travelodge run 6-9-12 July (lördag, Tuesday, Friday). You can thus already tentatively schedule the week of your calendars!

Welcome to the Hoting racetrack 2019!


Sven Boström, one of Hoting trotting many strong and volunteers, as soon took the decision to build a racetrack in the country in Hoting, has finished his work… at its 91:a year, Sven peace and to the last was, the family and also the interest in traveling and especially Hoting racetrack remain for him.

Sven worked much of his life to the SCA, and already istravets time Sven became an important “cog” Hoting racetrack and with their network etc., he contributed greatly to engage volunteers, among other things outside “horse owner crowd” and also contributed Sven and SCA at most to “rakbanans” advent…

Black Floyd and Lykke lass were two of Sven's most celebrated race horses and a lot of success, we remember with joy, including SM for fillies and 100 000 SEK as Lykke lass with Ulf Bäckman in the bike, won the Boström family…

Sven was a kind man who liked order and, a hot temper and a willingness to make things happen, caring and helpful at all times and has deservedly feel it is still nice to get Sven peace, even if the sadness and longing is great.

We thank you, Sven, for the time that we have experienced with you and our thoughts are also with your family…

Hoting racetrack board gm S-O Lindman

In Memoriam

The carpenter and hunter Bertil Blom after a brief illness, had submitted their “tool” and it is with a heavy heart, we note that a professional has left us…

Bertil was a joy spreader, easygoing and cheerful and talented both as a carpenter and hunter.

Hoting racetrack has over the years taken part of Bertil's professional knowledge in our construction of stables, garage and storage, etc., and he usually had a helping hand to hand.

Bertil's interests for hunting and football have always followed him through life, and it's probably not many who managed to follow this natural force, either on the field or in the woods, when he unleashed… As recently as last year Bertil played brilliantly in the veteran game at the inauguration of the artificial turf pitch in Kyrktåsjö…

We thank You Bertil, your deeds, Your friend's locker and your expertise, etc. that you share with us and our thoughts are with the family…


GM Sven-Olov Lindman


Results of help on the way

This year, Magnus Pettersson winning in the extremely prestigious battle between him and Lennart Elm, total right during the trotting week:

Magnus: 18 right (17+1 reserve if the webmaster has taken the right).

Lennart: 16 right

Additionally overtake Magnus V4 Tuesday racetrack, the game cost 96 and the company gave more than 4500 SEK in earnings!

See how they played during the week here

Many thanks for this year guys! Ett litet tack kommer med posten!

Friday's helping hand

When was the last travddagen commented, just as sad every year!

Here are the Elms and Pettersson's lines, we'll see if any of them do on Wednesday's jackpot, We keep our fingers crossed! Many thanks for this year for your thoughts on the games!

The lines are also under

Elms rader

V 65

1) 11 (9-13)
2) 3 (9-7)
3) 2 (8-11)
4) 1-3-8-13-15 (14-10)
5) 1-3-6-11-12 ( 10-8)
6) 1-3-6-10 ( 4-11)

Costs 100 kr


1) 2 (8-11)
2) 1-3-5-8-13-15 (10-14)
3) 1-6 (3-12)
4 ) 1-3-6-10 ( 7-11)

Costs 96 kr


1) 1-6-8-9-12
2) 1-9

Costs 100 kr


Petterssons rows


1) 5-8-9-11-13 (4-2)
2) 3 (9-7)
3) 2-8 (5-11)
4) 1-2-3-8-15 (13-10)
5) 3-12 (1-6)
6) 1 (6-10)

Costs 100 kr


1) 2 (8-11)
2) 1-3-5-7-8-12-14-15 (13-6)
3) 1-3-6-8-11-12 (10-4)
4) 1 (6-10)

Costs 96 kr


1) 1-3-6-8-12
2) 1-3

Costs 100 kr

1 5 6 7 8 9 47