Tack för i år!

When the year was over Hoting Travelodge, as always, it feels empty and sad when everyone has left, we miss you already!

This year trotting week was not quite what we wished for, weather seemed to think it was enough with two traveling days. We regret this deeply, but hope you still had a good week here with us!

STORT GRATTIS Susanne Osterling who won the champion title this year!!

For our expert tipster went well like that… 🙂 Now it was as I have said just two traveling days, but the final score was Magnus 5 Law and Lennart 7 right. Stort tack för er insats grabbar! Ett litet tack kommer med posten!

Återigen, We miss you all and hope to see you on the racetrack Hoting,sv 2018!!