Thanks to Cool-Julle

We came across Cool Julles blog, and naturally want to thank him for all the fine words about Hoting!

“Has been taught to Hoting racetrack is synonymous with hospitality. You know that the generic meaning it is a word that means the same thing?

Weekly lesson No. 2: If the entire stack Sweden would act as active in Hoting racetrack makes, we would not wrestle with problems that need to be more. Then everyone would like to get involved with traveling. Transmits hereby appeal to those who decide on the Swedish Trotting Association. Send people on field trips and training to Hoting. They have gotten the point. They have the love of the horse in the center, hospitality in abundance, and work for everyone to experience the amazing thing racetrack.

Cool Julle or Julle which he called a pony who blogs at Bergsåkers trotting school and visited Hoting for the first time in connection with the pony camp this summer. Please visit his blog and read more about his camp week in Hoting.