What happens during the week?

Hotingtravet 2017

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Saturday 8/7Harness racingTravbanan13.00-
Leif "Window" Olsson in place!
Live broadcasts of the V75 in the afternoon,,sv,Thor Göransson plays,,sv,grilling,,sv,games with more,,sv,The evening continues with entertainment and more on ..,,sv,V86 directly from Visby Tote,,sv,Food / refreshments,,sv,small,,sv,large,,sv,Viewing of archive with mera,,no,Valågården,,sv,lunch Travelodge,,sv
Dancing with Pub
Thor-Görans spelar
Sunday 9/7PonnytravTravbanan13.00-
Trotparty for active etc.
Ulf Lindeberg entertains
Monday 10/7Grillning, lekar med meraHotings Camping16.30-
Kvällen fortsätter med underhållning med mera på...Travlogen20.00-
Tuesday 11/7Harness racing,
Leif "Window" Olsson in place
Wednesday 12/7Ponnytrav Travbanan14.00-16.30
V86 direkt från Visby med toto. Mat/fika & pubTravlogen "lilla"18.00-22.00
Femkortsturnering with serving / PubTravlogen "stora"18.00-22.00
Thursday 13/7Open homestead with servingTåsjö Homestead11.00-16.00
Visning av arkiv med mera. ServingValågården, Hotingsvägen11.00-15.00
Sponsor & funktionärsbufféTravlogen19.00-
Dancing with pub
Rogerz spelar
Friday 14/7Harness racing, lunch trot
Leif "Window" Olsson in place
Travbanan, Lunchtrav12.00-